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DONOR: Open society fund Bosnia and Herzegovina
DURATION: July 2011 – December 2011
LOCATION: Bosnia and Herzegovina: Banjaluka, Sarajevo, Mostar and Bijeljina
OVERALL GOAL: Influence development of critical thinking that will enable acceptance of others and differences (religious, national, racial, sex basis).

• Gaining basic knowledge about other religions in BiH with special emphasis on universality of religious messages.
• Influence development of consciousness about the need to have an understanding and tolerance among all people.
• Indicating joint inheritance and inner-confessional relationships and cooperation.
• Indicating equality of religions in the BiH.

Religious Education is a school subject which teaching and organization in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina is guaranteed by Framework legislation for primary and secondary schools. In the majority of cases, it is organized for the majority ethnic group living in the certain community.
Currently, Religious Education is a school subject through which pupils are taught about the basic dimensions of the religion: ideological (belief), ritual (practicing) and experiential. Researchers have shown that goals of Religious Education are mostly confessional and do not include importance of the understanding of different cultures and religions. We think that in a developed democratic society (which BiH should become) Religious Education presents a pedagogical challenge. In this context, Religious Education that gains legitimacy in schools, should support a constructive educational practice, it should develop creative and critical thinking among children, and that presumes teaching directed towards society recovery, and acceptance of BiH’s pluralistic character. Therefore we think that goals and tasks of this subject should be in compliance with general educational goals in an open society: interculturalism, national and religious tolerance and respect for human rights. Different analysis of Religious Education text books have shown at a certain level that these books encourage the development of religious rigidity and send messages based on the prejudices and stereotypes toward the pupils., (Usually the perfection of own religion is magnified whilst “other religions” are presented as less worthy and unaware of what is “real” religion). We should emphasize here that “others” are not only members of other religions but also the ones that are not true believers. Religious Education text books also teach about history of religion and are often followed with different political messages. Pupils are presented with one-sided interpretations of historical events and these interpretations are not in accordance with a specific religion but more in accordance with current time and context in which educational process is realized.

Implemented project activities were:
1. Writing of scenarios.
2. Development of the questionnaire for project evaluation purposes.
3. Establishing contact with selected TV stations and agreeing on the cooperation.
4. Stage production.
5. Puppets and costumes production.
6. Music composing.
7. Studio preparation for the filming.
8. Actor’s rehearsals.
9. Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with selected TV stations.
10. Filming.
11. Editing and post-production of filmed material.
12. Broadcast of the TV shows on selected TV stations.
13. Pre-intervention and post-intervention testing (evaluation of project impact).
14. Distribution of DVDs with 4 TV shows to 100 primary schools throughout BiH, for their further use in educational process.

Project was implemented in full accordance with the project plan and all planned project outcomes have been successfully reached.

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