Successfully Completed Project “SAS – Srbac Active High School Students”

This story is yet another proof that volunteerism knows no boundaries and is a recommendation to all young people to get involved in volunteer work! Participants of the 9 th eUPSHIFT workshop, Marija Gašić, Tijana Blagić, and Irina Kljačin, have been engaged in volunteer work with the NGO "C.E.Z.A.R" Srbac for many years. To showcase […]

Genesis Project Launched the “Co-managed High Schools” Project

Students, teachers, and educational workers have emphasized the need for increased participation in decision-making in high schools! On May 22, 2024, through a public presentation and discussion, Genesis Project from Banja Luka launched the “Co-managed High Schools” project, an initiative aimed at transforming the decision-making process in high schools across the Western Balkans. The project […]

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Co-Managed High-Schools

About the Project: We are excited to announce an initiative aimed at revolutionizing decision-making in high schools across the Western Balkans. This project seeks to pilot a co- management model that fosters greater democratization within high schools, enhancing student participation in decision-making processes. Inspired by the Council of Europe's co-management model, our project aims to […]

Good Deeds Create Heroes

We present to you the company Daibau International and their project “Good Deeds Create Heroes” in which the Genesis Project Organization has also joined. Daibau is a company headquartered in Maribor. The company’s policy is such that through its work, it aims to help those who need assistance the most. Due to its success in […]