Through our approach to young people, we strive to:

  • Reduce the political influence on their formative years (which manifests itself through the influence on the educational system and the integration of young people into the work of political parties).
  • Increase their self-confidence and sense of worth.
  • Point out the social competences of young people and their strength.
  • Influence the development of critical thinking and the development of analytical abilities that lead to positive conclusions.
  • Point out that no one has the right to manipulate their religious and ethnic feelings and spread fear and hatred on that behalf.
  • Teach them to foster intercultural dialogue at all levels.
  • Promote human and children’s rights.
  • Encourage them to get engaged into social activism.
  • Point out to them the fact that education is a public good and cannot be the property of any group, idea, party or policy.
  • Promote different forms of work with the application of modern and innovative methods and draw their attention to universal human values such as truth, justice, freedom, forgiveness and cooperation and that this is the only and right way to the future.