Good Deeds Create Heroes

We present to you the company Daibau International and their project “Good Deeds Create Heroes” in which the Genesis Project Organization has also joined.

Daibau is a company headquartered in Maribor.

The company’s policy is such that through its work, it aims to help those who need assistance the most. Due to its success in other countries where Daibau International operates, the “Good Deeds Create Heroes” project has been launched here as well. This project has been implemented for two years, and its goal is to encourage and inspire partners (4,000 companies) and all visitors to the Daibau International platform, which number over 1 million, to support organizations actively helping people through donations.

Daibau International achieves this goal in two ways:

  1. Promoting the “Good Deeds Create Heroes” project in communication with its partners/companies,
  2. Continuously urging them to take concrete action, i.e., donating to organizations actively working towards their goals and assisting in the implementation of the “Good Deeds Create Heroes” project.

One of the organizations supported in this way has become the Genesis Project organization.

In this way, we express sincere gratitude for the support in our efforts to achieve our goals and make this world a better place.

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