The Executive Director of Genesis Project, Dijana Pejić, participated in Impact Days 2024 in Vienna.

With a tradition spanning over a decade, Impact Days in Vienna has become one of the most influential events in Austria’s social entrepreneurship and impact investing ecosystem. Since its inception, Impact Days has served as a platform for achieving tangible impact in communities, fostering collaboration, and addressing urgent social issues.

Impact Days has continuously evolved to meet the changing needs and challenges of our time. It brings together investors, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and thought leaders to tackle societal issues. Through collective efforts, Impact Days have influenced policies, inspired investments, and empowered ideas and communities to thrive.

This year’s Impact Days, held from June 5 to 7 at Hofburg Palace in Vienna, aimed to build on past achievements and set goals for the future. With a dynamic lineup of speakers, workshops, and interactive sessions, Impact Days 2024 provided participants with a platform to explore innovative solutions, share best practices, and collaboratively create strategies for positive change. Impact Days 2024 covered a wide range of topics, from impact investing to sustainable entrepreneurship, climate action to social justice, focused on addressing the most pressing issues of our time.

“First and foremost, I must highlight that Impact Hub Vienna excellently organized this event. We had the opportunity to discuss key topics of sustainable development and social impact. It was inspiring to listen to experts and participate in workshops that addressed the latest trends and strategies for a better future. The speakers provided us with practical insights and applicable strategies that we can use in our work. I thank all the speakers and participants for their incredible energy and inspiration. I look forward to applying this knowledge and connecting with everyone who shares our vision for a better world,” said Dijana Pejić.