Successfully Completed Project “SAS – Srbac Active High School Students”

This story is yet another proof that volunteerism knows no boundaries and is a recommendation to all young people to get involved in volunteer work!

Participants of the 9 th eUPSHIFT workshop, Marija Gašić, Tijana Blagić, and Irina Kljačin, have been engaged in volunteer work with the NGO "C.E.Z.A.R" Srbac for many years. To showcase the beauty of volunteerism, they decided to apply to eUPSHIFT under the name Cezarov trio fantastiko and, as one of the workshop winners, successfully implemented the project “SAS – Srbac Active High School Students”

The project “SAS – Srbački Active High School Students” aimed to increase the number of high school students involved in volunteer work, primarily through education but also through practical work. Through a series of activities, they engaged over 70 of their peers, igniting their interest in youth activism and volunteerism.

It all began with a large volunteer action to clean up the schoolyard of the Public High School Center “Petar Kočić” Srbac. Trash bins were also purchased and placed in the most needed locations around Srbac. These lovely photos showcase the satisfaction on their faces and how essential such activities are for young people, and the schoolyard is now sparkling clean!

In addition to sprucing up the schoolyard, Cezarov trio fantastiko organized a sports day at their school, where students played volleyball, football, and dodgeball. Part of the grant was used to purchase sports equipment that was necessary for their high school center.

As the culmination of the project, a final event was held in the form of a panel discussion on volunteerism. Short lectures were given by Ljubiša Popović, an English language and literature teacher  Tanja Šnjegota, executive director of the NGO “C.E.Z.A.R” and Sara Žujić, an active volunteer and psychology student.

“Through volunteerism, young people gain new knowledge and experience, expand their network of friendships, and get opportunities for personal development and free travel. I recommend all young people to get involved in organizations dedicated to volunteerism, such as the Citizens’ Association “C.E.Z.A.R” in Srbac, whose doors are always open to new volunteers. Additionally, another excellent opportunity for volunteerism and activism is the UPSHIFT program, which introduces young people to the world of activism and positively influences their personal development," said Tanja Šnjegota, executive director of the NGO “C.E.Z.A.R.”

UPSHIFT coordinator Draško Stojčević gave a brief lecture on the UPSHIFT program, and we hope to receive many more applications from Srbac for the UPSHIFT workshop.

To add even more value to the entire project, first-year high school students of the Hospitality School, along with their teacher Maja Mojević, prepared a snack that exceeded all expectations.

“My personal impression of the UPSHIFT workshops is fantastic, and I would love to gather a team next time and participate in the in-person UPSHIFT workshops. I truly believe this is a great story and an excellent opportunity for young people to identify some problems in their local community and learn how to solve them”, said Irina Kljačin, one of the members of the Cezarov trio fantastiko team.

The UPSHIFT program was developed by UNICEF's Innovation Office and is implemented in 38 countries worldwide. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, UPSHIFT is implemented by the humanitarian organization “Genesis Project” in cooperation with the UNICEF Office in BiH, with financial support from DP World.