Zašto postati naš partner?

The Genesis Project is an organization that, during its many years of work, has gained a reputation and trust that the projects it implements are supported by almost all Ministries of Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is especially important to us, because without these authorizations and recommendations we would not be able to work in educational institutions. We emphasize that, especially in the beginning, the ministries of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina had a particularly strong mistrust towards non-governmental organizations.

The programs implemented by the Genesis Project have value because, among other things, they influence the future, building peace, and create attitudes, skills and knowledge that exist in the 21st century. In that way we influence the progress and prosperity of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country, because we build self-confidence, competencies and influence the building of social skills. This implies social activism and the participation of young people in social life. Young people are the future advocates of change and builders of a new society that should be free, open, economically stable and happy. We believe that the funds invested in such projects are always returned to the community as resources that lead to prosperity, the progress of the country and the happiness of all its citizens.

The fact that we have developed long-term cooperation and partnership with a large number of associates and partners also speaks in favor of the fact that we are a trustworthy partner. We would especially like to emphasize the cooperation with UNICEF, whose implementing partner we have been for more than 23 years and which resulted in the realization of a large number of projects with achieved objectives.