On Saturday, April 21st, the 7th Festival of the One-Minute Movies on Jahorina was finished with the announcement of the winners and the award ceremony. The festival screened a total of 81 films that were completely designed and recorded by children from primary schools in the Central Bosnia Canton. 32 films were selected in the finals, and the jury selected the best films according to the shooting locations. Additionally, the audience, which consisted of children who made the movies, had the opportunity to choose the film they liked most. Thus, the Audience Award - the award by the most numerous jury of the Festival went to Divičani, to Jozo Saraf for the movie "Life is better with friends".
The jury announced the other winners. They were:
1. The best movie from Gromiljak/Monika Prskalo/"Zid šutnje" (Wall of silence)
2. The best movie from Divičani/Halid Mećavica/"Ostajem ovdje" (I’m staying here)
3. The best movie from Bešpelj/Marija Ljušanin/ "Šuma dječijih prava" (Forest of children’s rights)
4. The best movie from Jajce/Gabrijela Brižić /"Prijatelji" (Friends)
5. The best movie from Vitez/Marja Šuman/ "Ženska prava" (Women’s rights)
6. The best movie from Fojnica/Ajla Klisura /"Poslušaj prijatelja" (Listen to a friend)
7. The best movie from Busovača/Emrah Halilovic/ "Zašto" (Why?)
8. The best movie from Bugojno/Deni Karadža /"Ljepota je u različitosti" (Beauty is in diversity)
Pupils from primary schools from Bihac "Kulen Vakuf-Orasac" and "Harmani 2" enjoyed spending time with their friends from the primary school "Desanka Maksimovic" from Trn and visited Banja Luka's sights. The visit of pupils from Bihać is a result of the long-term cooperation of our organization with the RTV Una Sana Canton and represents a step forward towards breaking down prejudices, bonding and getting to know the homeland. Pupils from Bihac visited Kastel and the Museum of the Republic of Srpska, and especially for them the play "Friends are made, not added” was performed by the NGO Genesis Project. A total of 25 primary pupils and teachers were paying the visit. Last year, primary school students from Trn visited Bihac and Una National Park.
This gathering impressed all participants and certainly will not end with this, because together with our partners we are planning new projects that will enable more of these nice and positive events
Our new theatre show is the result of the project „Promotion of peace and security through educative, interactive theatre performances in primary schools / Safe Students – Gender Responsive Schools“, which is implemented by Genesis Project with the support of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), with the autorization and approval of the Ministry for Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Central Bosnia Canton.

The project comprises several different activities, of which the most important is the performance of theatre shows and distribution of educational leaflest, as well as 50 interactive exchanges of information on gender equality.

The theme of our new theatre show are dangers of coommunication via social media for teenagers.
The long-standing cooperation of the Radio Television of the Una Sana Canton and the Genesis Project was crowned with a wonderful journey to Bihac and the meeting of two primary schools, "Harmani 1" from Bihać and "Desanka Maksimović" from Trn, Laktasi municipality, and the Red Cross volunteers. During this trip, the children from two BiH entities became better acquainted, socialised and enjoyed in the natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The tour was organised by the RTV USK with the support of the Genesis Project and with the aim of getting our primary school pupils to get to know each other better and to get to know their country better. Walking through Bihac, the pupils got to know this town better and enjoyed the beauty of the Una River, and the crown of their visit was going to the National Park and Strbacki buk. Many contributed to this visit: the Ministry of Education and Culture of the RS, the Una National Park Management, which donated the tickets to the children, as well as members of the Mountain Rescue Service who took care about the safety. We hope that there will be more of these wonderful gatherings in the future!