On Saturday, April 21st, the 7th Festival of the One-Minute Movies on Jahorina was finished with the announcement of the winners and the award ceremony. The festival screened a total of 81 films that were completely designed and recorded by children from primary schools in the Central Bosnia Canton. 32 films were selected in the finals, and the jury selected the best films according to the shooting locations. Additionally, the audience, which consisted of children who made the movies, had the opportunity to choose the film they liked most. Thus, the Audience Award - the award by the most numerous jury of the Festival went to Divičani, to Jozo Saraf for the movie "Life is better with friends".

The jury announced the other winners. They were:
1. The best movie from Gromiljak/Monika Prskalo/"Zid šutnje" (Wall of silence)
2. The best movie from Divičani/Halid Mećavica/"Ostajem ovdje" (I’m staying here)
3. The best movie from Bešpelj/Marija Ljušanin/ "Šuma dječijih prava" (Forest of children’s rights)
4. The best movie from Jajce/Gabrijela Brižić /"Prijatelji" (Friends)
5. The best movie from Vitez/Marja Šuman/ "Ženska prava" (Women’s rights)
6. The best movie from Fojnica/Ajla Klisura /"Poslušaj prijatelja" (Listen to a friend)
7. The best movie from Busovača/Emrah Halilovic/ "Zašto" (Why?)
8. The best movie from Bugojno/Deni Karadža /"Ljepota je u različitosti" (Beauty is in diversity)

Darija Buzaković, Chairwoman of the jury, producer and director of Kratkofil Plus Short Film Festival, which was held in Banja Luka for nine years, pointed out that it was not easy for the jury to choose the best among the best, and that all the children were winners.
"The participants in the project made really nice films, through which they pointed to the challenges they face each day. Their courage, creativity and willingness to critically speak of a reality that is not always the most beautiful, but which can and should be repaired, makes them all winners, "said Daria.
Children received symbolic awards and acknowledgments for their work and effort, and within the festival they had fun activities and socializing organised. The festival was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of the Central Bosnia Canton, representatives of donor organizations, primary schools in the Central Bosnia Canton, and other partners and friends.
The movies were made under the project "Bridges of Trust and Cooperation" implemented by the Genesis Project under the auspices of the German foundations Schüler Helfen Leben and Robert Bosch, with the support and approval of the Central Bosnia Canton and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. Through one creative minute, the children used their movies to send powerful messages that talk about coexistence, violence, tolerance, prejudice.