German RTL Nord Television from Hamburg visited Bosnia and Herzegovina and covered a story about the activities carried out by the Genesis Project with the support of the German Schüler Helfen Leben Foundation (SHL) from Berlin, in Central Bosnia Canton. Especially for the purposes of this story, the Genesis Project performed the "The strange trial“ play aimed at pointing out the dangers of mines and unexploded ordnance left over from the war.

After the show, the German journalists interviewed several students, teachers and directors at the “Travnik” Primary School in Travnik.
The RTL journalists were particularly interested in this area, so during their visit they visited the minefields that were being demined by the Dog Training Centre in the municipality of Busovača, in the Central Bosnia Canton, and they also spoke to the Head of the Regional Office of the BiH Center for mine removal in Travnik, Dragan Maros.

In addition to mines, the special attention of the RTL journalists was dedicated to the phenomenon of schools that work under two curricula in the same building in the Central Bosnia Canton (also known as "two schools under one roof"), and they visited Jajce where they also interviewed the principals, teachers and students of the elementary schools "Berta Kučera" and "13. rujan".

After visiting the schools, the RTL journalists visited the Jajce Centre for Education and Socializing, in which young people from Jajce gather, especially children who, as primary school students, took part in the Genesis Project & SHL workshops, and in 2016 they actively participated in the protests of the Jajce high school students against new divisions in education.
Journalists from Germany were astonished by the courage and pro-activity of young people from Jajce.