By performing the "Friends are made, not added" play at the Youth Centre in Banja Luka, the project of the same name, that the Genesis Project is realising with the financial support of the City of Banja Luka, was officially promoted. The play was attended by primary school pupils from Banja Luka and Bronzani Majdan, and on behalf of the City of Banja Luka, the project was presented by Natalija Trivić, head of the Department of Social Activities. This project and the play are characterised by the actuality of the topic and the fact that the idea for their realization derived from the teaching staff and elementary school students throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, who noticed the shortcomings in the knowledge and skills of their students, which would help them to behave better in the "virtual world". Through the play, the students are asked the questions: How many likes you have on Facebook? Do you have Facebook friends you do not personally know, did you get strange or unpleasant messages from unknown profiles? It is a fact that the communication through social networks carries numerous advantages, but dangers too. Especially for teenagers. These dangers are the theme of the play. Among other things, this project provides access to cultural content for the children from rural areas and marginalized groups. Through the cooperation with primary schools, especially those from the marginal areas of Banja Luka (Bronzani Majdan, Kola, Vrbanja, Karanovac and Srpske Toplice), we will provide these pupils, as well as pupils from marginalized groups, with access to the cultural contents. "We are convinced that the children who see the show will raise the level of awareness on the above topics and will learn how to protect themselves, but also the people around themselves, primarily from the dangers that come from the Internet," said the Genesis Project.