The pupils from the primary schools, where the project "Football3 for peace - Football as a tool for social change and development of young people" is realized, were given the gear that will help them implement this unique methodology using football for social change and progress in society. This project is implemented by the Genesis Project from Banja Luka under the auspices of the US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the primary schools of the municipalities of Busovača, Jajce and Vitez in the Central Bosnia Canton. Participants of these interesting trainings are children aged from 11 to 14, the pupils of the “two schools under one roof “.

The project is being implemented in partnership with the non-governmental organization FundLife, which is the world leader in the use of sports as a tool for social impact. FundLife is a member of FIFA's Corporate Social Responsibility program titled "Football for Hope" and operates under the auspices of the UEFA Foundation for Children. Interestingly, in September, as part of the training, the children were taught by Etienne Digout, a young and passionate football coach who came to BiH directly from Arsenal. The pupils have already been slowly practicing and applying the learned methods.

Football3 is a unique way of playing football changing lives around the world. It is based on the principle that the basic values such as fair play, gender equality, teamwork, respect and responsibility are just as important as football skills.

Called after "three halves": conversation before the match, match and conversation after the match, the football3 includes key life lessons in every match. In gender mixed teams, all players decide together on the rules to be applied during the match. After the match, they look back on their behaviour and other players on the field, and assign points for both goals scored and fair play during the match, as well as for the behaviour of individual players during the match.

As football3 is played without a classic referee, the players have to learn how to calmly resolve the eventual conflict by talking and agreeing. During the duration of the project, 24 children and 16 teachers and representatives of the professional service of the school will be trained in total.