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The training of teaching staff and professional services of schools begins on October 15 within the implementation of the “Program of secondary prevention focused on the identification and protection of children from risk factors in primary schools in the USC and Hercegbosna Canton “.

Education for teaching staff and professional services from primary schools will be held with the objective of introducing the programs of secondary prevention and the exchange of knowledge and skills needed for effective identification and support of children at risk. 

Trained school teachers and representatives of school professional services will be in charge of further presentations of the programs of secondary prevention to the parents of their pupils during the parents – teachers’ meetings.

The training will be conducted by two members of the support team, and will be closely supervised by one representative of the supervision team and a representative of the Genesis Project.

During October, a total of 23 trainings are planned in 23 schools, of which 20 trainings will be held in primary schools of the Una-Sana Canton, and three in Hercegbosna Canton. In order to comply with all prescribed hygienic-epidemiological measures, 25 teachers and representatives of professional services of schools will participate in each training.

The trainings in other schools will be held in November and December.

We would like to remind you that since the beginning of the Program of Secondary Prevention, presentations have been held to line cantonal/county ministries, school principals, training of trainers and supervisors has been realized and that the County Expert Group in the Hercegbosna Canton has started working on drafting bylaws.

The program of secondary prevention in the schools of Una-Sana Canton and Hercegbosna canton is implemented by the humanitarian organization “Genesis Project”, as a technical partner of UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the project is implemented under the auspices of the Swedish government.

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