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Project title: Program of secondary prevention focused on identification and protection of children from risk factors


Duration: 1.8.2020 – 30.11.2021

Location: Una-Sana Canton and Canton 10

About the project:

The program of secondary prevention aims at timely prevention of the risk of socially unacceptable behaviors as well as protection of children from violence and neglect. Program activities are aimed at the student to adopt effective individual and socially acceptable behaviors by developing the skills necessary for comprehensive growth and development, and caring for themselves, others and/or the environment.

The program of secondary prevention assumes early identification of indicators that may put the child in danger of becoming a perpetrator or victim of various forms of violence, as well as abuse or neglect. Practice and theory indicate the necessity of timely intervention, from the first grade of primary school. The tendency of this program is to focus on providing adequate support to the child and family instead of imposing sanctions, as was previously common in the traditional school approach. Namely, the goal is to investigate the cause of some inappropriate behavior, and work on its reduction or elimination as well as on strengthening the protective factors or resources that exist in the child’s environment.

Parents, teachers, principals and the professional service of the school are of great importance in the educational work with students as well as for the overall growth and development of students, their well-being, quality of acquired knowledge, skills, habits and attitudes, timely recognition of risk factors in the environment. and ensuring the best interests of students.

Main project activities:

Activity 1. Introductory meetings with Una-Sana Canton Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and Una-Sana Canton Ministry of Health and Social Politics.

Activity 2. Introductory meetings with Canton 10 Ministry of Science, Education, Culture and Sport and Canton 10 Ministry of Work, Health, Social Welfare and Refugees.

Activity 3. Workshops for principals and deputy principals of targeted primary schools on Program of Secondary Prevention.

Activity 4. Development of relevant bylaws on secondary prevention

Activity 5. Training of Trainers (application of the Instrument) – Training of the Peer Support Teams and Technical Supervision Teams.

Activity 6. Reflection and follow-up one-day meetings of Peer Support Teams and Technical Supervision Teams. In total, 2 one-days reflection and follow-up meetings of PST and TST will be held in Bihać, for approximately 20 participants.

Activity 7. Trainings of schoolteachers and school expert services (in 48 primary schools in Una-Sana canton and in 9 primary schools in Canton 10; total 57 primary schools).

Activity 8. Trainings of schools’ expert services: Creation and implementation of Individual Support Plan and Building of the competencies of the schools’ expert services.

Activity 9. Trainings for Centers for Mental Health’s representatives on “Creation and implementation of Individual Support Plans (ISP)”.

Activity 10. Trainings for establishment of the referral mechanisms in targeted municipalities (representatives of Centers for social work, Centers for Mental Health, Trainers, Mentors).

Activity 11. Final conferences on “Children at risk – Application of secondary prevention models in USC and Canton 10”.

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