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Six elementary schools from the Central Bosnia Canton and two elementary schools from the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton are taking part in the online activities within the “Service- Learning in Arts” project:

  1. Elementary school Kiseljak 1 Bilalovac,
  2. Elementary School Gromiljak Kiseljak,
  3. Elementary School Vitovlje Travnik,
  4. Catholic School Centre “Petar Barbarić” Travnik,
  5. Elementary school Treća osnovna škola Bugojno,
  6. Elementary school Prva osnovna škola Jaklić Bugojno,
  7. Elementary School Marina Držića Buna Mostar,
  8. Elementary school Blagaj Mostar

The activities took place in the field at the beginning of March, and since March they have been realised online

In accordance with the project plan and in agreement with the representatives of the schools, during the period April-May 2020, 19 online activities were carried out, which included 58 teachers and representatives of the professional staff of schools and school administrations. The objective of the online activity was to acquaint the participants with the basics of service-learning methodology, and to prepare them for developing their own service-learning project in arts.

During June and July, the Genesis Project continues its activities in the mentioned schools.

“We want to thank the schools and all participants in the activities who recognised and supported our actions during the coronavirus pandemic and thus enabled the continuity of our activities,” said Saša Šarić from the Genesis Project.

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