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DONOR: Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
DURATION: June 2011-October 2011
LOCATION: Bosnia and Herzegovina: Banjaluka, Sarajevo, Mostar and Bijeljina
OVERALL GOAL: The overall objective was to create an affirmative environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina society in order to raise public awareness, empower and educate children and youth about reconciliation, peaceful conflict resolution, conflict prevention and coexistence.

1. To promote peace, reconciliation, peaceful conflict resolution, communication and coexistence between people.
2. To educate children about peaceful conflict prevention.

Protection of children from violence was founded by the Convention on the Rights of the Child ratified by Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993. This Convention, as well as legislative framework regarding children and their benefits, obliges Bosnia and Herzegovina and its authorities to ensure conditions for a decent life and optimal development of each child. In order to support the achievement of these goals, BiH Strategy for Fight against Violence 2007 – 2010 was developed by the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees and partners. The BiH society is a middle-income post-conflict society in transition, whereas number of risk factors may lead children and young people into different types of violent behaviour. The main reasons behind such behaviour might be found in a lack of parental care and protection, domestic violence, dysfunctional schooling (irregular attendance or drop-out), violence and unsafe environments in schools, peer influence and pressure, immediate environment around young persons and children, including violence in media. The action was in full accordance with BiH Strategy for Fight against Violence 2007 – 2010 and aimed to decrease violent behaviour through education of the selected topics in the project.

Project activities were implemented in cooperation with 5 leading TV stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Type of activity implemented: Related outputs and results

Activity 1. Production (scenarios writing; puppets, costumes, stage production; music composing; actors rehearsals; filming; row and final editing; etc.) of 4 TV shows • 4 episodes of educational TV programmes for children
• total up to 40 minutes of educational TV programmes for children
• 20 broadcasts of educational TV programmes on 5 different TV stations throughout BiH
• 20 re-runs of 4 episodes on 5 different TV stations throughout BiH
• a significant level of media visibility for donor agency to BiH, since at the end of every TV show we will have TV telop saying that the programme was made thanks to donation from Norwegian embassy.

Activity 2. Broadcast and re-run of 4 TV shows • Increased awareness, sensitization and empowerment of children and youth leads to recognition and understanding of the concept of peaceful management.

Activity 3. Evaluation of impact of the project • % of increase of the level of knowledge about project selected topics presented in the evaluation report
• Evaluation of the changes in attitudes and behaviour towards project selected topics elaborated in the evaluation report

Project was implemented in full accordance with the project plan and all planned project outcomes have been successfully reached.

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