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DONOR: European Commission Delegation in BiH and Office of International Cooperation of the Principality of Monaco
DURATION: January 2011 – May 2012
LOCATION: BiH: Banja Luka, Modriča, Maglaj, Bosanska Krupa, Odžak
OVERALL GOAL: To raise awareness among children in Bosnia and Herzegovina concerning the dangers of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO)

• equipping children with knowledge and skills that will enable them to adopt safe behaviour regarding mines and UXO;
• developing an awareness of the importance of constant education about the mine risk and to encourage the projects participants to get involved in mine risk education;

To date, the Mine Action Center of BiH has recorded more than 18,200 minefields, but it is estimated that the total number of minefields is 30,000, containing about one million mines. Locations of many minefields are still unknown. Minefields were placed along the former confrontation line, which was the subject of frequent changes, so that the mines can be found throughout the country. Total potentially affected area is about 2,000 square kilometres; most of area still requires to be checked in order to determine the final scope of the problem. Members of the Genesis Project worked simultaneously on several levels and included several groups of direct beneficiaries: peer educators, teachers and students. This project was intended to support long-term school battle against landmines and UXO.

Suring overall project implementation, Genesis Project conducted following MRE activities:
• 190 Mine Risk Education workshops for education of children
• 12 MRE presentations/trainings for education of schoolteachers
• 43 MRE live, interactive puppet show performances

Number of beneficiaries targeted through Genesis Project MRE activities:
• 417 children attended MRE workshops for education of children
• 240 schoolteachers attended MRE presentations/trainings
• 2521 children attended MRE live, interactive puppet show performances

Project was implemented in full accordance with the project plan and all planned project outcomes have been successfully reached.

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